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Musicality. Empathy. Presence. Love. Respect. Quality. Personality. Curiosity.


These are some of the key words when we are interpreting songs. We always try to convey text and music as real and honest as possible. Always with a huge respect for both.

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Christmas Song
00:00 / 01:55
Vil du være min i nat
00:00 / 01:31
Winter Wonderland
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You can e.g. book us for: 

  • Wedding

  • Funeral

  • Reception

  • Birthday

  • Speak

  • Demo recording

  • Intimate concert

  • Voice and/or guitar tracking

"Her i disse krisetider" (marts 2020)

"I Threw It All Away" (Bartof Station, 2019)

Dear dear Regitze and Jens.
THOUSAND THOUSAND many thanks for your performance. It was so beautiful, as beautiful and complete as it should be. We are extremely satisfied and so glad we succeeded. You're just amazing. THANKS! We will always remember it as a beautiful moment of a beautiful day. Incidentally, I received a lot of praise from the guests. I hope we cab have you in mind for another time.

Many greetings from Pernille and family. 

- Pernille Maria Jensen,

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