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Regitze Glenthøj is a gift outside Christmas time. She is simply a musical worship with a huge voice wrapped in a human very small body

-  Sven Møller, Budstikken

The performers are not anyone, and it is heard on the quality and felt on stage appearance here, including, among others, Regitze Glenthøj from the Royal Theater, who recently brilliantly performed in the musical My Fair Lady

- Lars C. Wallenberg, Børsen

Regitze Glenthøj solves a very difficult task very well. She is neither sweet nor drowsy, not to mention jazzy loading. She lectures the texts in such a way that through her beautiful voice and clear diction follows the text developments that add to Mads Granum's melodies

-  Finn Slumstrup,

Lecturer, author, columnist, community reporter and former channel manager at DR P1

Really a lovely singer - both listening to and not least working with ...👍

-  Martin J. Ernst, Saxophonist

Regitze is a huge talent! Excellently committed and exceptionally professional, and I would very much like to acknowledge my finest recommendation

- Henrik Vagn Christensen, Conductor

Her interpretation of Johannes Møllehave's "We draw lines" gave chills. It is rare that Johannes Møllehave's beautiful and very telling text universe has been interpreted so charmingly, sonorously and with such deep presence

- Merete Jensen,

I can recommend Regitze both for her vocal and her theatrical talent

- David Firman, Orchestral Conductor/Arranger

Regitze Glenthøj is one of those with correct metallic musical theater sound in the voice and lubricated hips ...

-  Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information

Wauwww ... what a voice and radiance. The collaboration was fantastic. Not often have I been sitting at the grand piano with goose bumps. Great experience ❤️

- Gudmund Holm, Pianist

"Present singer with professional approach and winning being. My very best recommendation!"

-  Kevin Borbye Edelvang

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