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I simply LOVE singing at weddings!

There is so much love and warmth in the room when two people choose to say "YES" to each other. It is a great privilege for me to be allowed to perform at one of the greatest moments of life :)


I usually bring one or more musicians (guitar, piano and/or double bass), but can also be booked to sing a cappella in the church or at the party.

THANK YOU is a small word in this context. 🙏 But thank you for the finest and most beautiful number from you. 💕 It got better than I ever imagined. I loved that you were addressing the song directly to my husband and showing him the song was for him. The song was so mild and gentle with lots of love. Wow - we are both still totally excited about it. A thousand thanks to you both for stepping in so quickly in a busy time. ❤️❤️❤️

-  Pernille Maria Olsen, bride

I contacted Regitze when I wanted to surprise my husband for our wedding with a song as part of my speech. Regitze sang most beautifully 'Når jeg bliver gammel' written by Peter AG, in acoustic fashion. It was so incredibly beautiful and touching. When the song was complete, all 75 guests were completely enamored with tears in their eyes before the clapping elves filled the room in honor of Regitze and her boyfriend playing guitar. Thanks for a truly unique experience we will never forget sweet Regitze❤️❤️❤️

-  Julie Thit Kjærsvold-Niclasen, bride

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